As WOG members we must give our Talent and Time to the principles, objectives, values and mission of WOG.  To generate necessary resources to run the Foundation, members must give generously. Members are expected to pay monthly dues, and where a member does not pay her dues for 3months consecutively, such a member shall be expelled.

Monthly Dues

The Monthly WOG Members Dues is currently fixed at Two Thousand Naira (N2,000.00) only.  (For clarity, kindly note that distribution of dues paid is: N1,000 as WOG & N1,000 into WOG Welfare Purse).

The said amount of N2,000 shall be paid into the Women of Glory Foundation – Diamond Bank Account: 008194415

Monthly/Periodic Meetings

WOG monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month, unless otherwise communicated. This meeting is for Group Prayers, Foundation Updates, Socialization and other House Keeping matters.   The Venue of the Meeting would be rotated, while members with celebratory events like birthdays may host meeting unless otherwise directed. The Meeting duration would be a maximum of 2 hours.

WOG Monthly Meetings would serve as an avenue to strengthen the bonds of unity and service among members as the Foundation seeks to give God all the glory.

Project Participation

The active participation of all WOG members in the Projects and Programmes of the Foundation is crucial to the success of our Mission.

  • For each WOG Project, it is mandatory that all members work together to pool all necessary human, material, financial and spiritual resource needed, working in concert with the project anchoring WOG Sub-Committee.
  • As determined by WOG Board or WOG EXCO, as the project permits, WOG Projects shall be funded through Contributions by Members, friends of WOG members, WOG Partners, identified and approached WOG Project sponsors, among others.

WOG Projects would include laudable initiatives such as:

  • Provision of scholarships and educational grants to identified less privilege children.

Provision of specially identified periodic training and capacity building to its targeted audience as part of the Foundation’s corporate social responsibility.


While WOG Membership is voluntary, an intending member:

  1. Must be an Adult
  2. Be one who loves the Lord
  3. Be of good standing in society
  4. Be passionate about the vision, aims, and objectives of WOG.
  5. Complete the WOG Biodata Form, attaching a passport photograph. All Forms shall be kept with the Secretariat for record purposes.

The Women of Glory (WOG) Foundation is envisioned to be a positive, women’s group and reference point that will be sought out by key players/actors and decision makers in the Nigerian economy and beyond.