Few Words About Us

Our History

The Women of Glory Foundation was established in 2016 with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. It is a peer network and faith-based organisation driven by a passion to foster positive change in the society. Women of Glory is a gathering and representation of women of good virtue, who bring honour to God and to their families by living exemplary lives, exhibiting strong and Godly character while impacting society positively.

It is a non-profit, non-denominational charitable organisation with a fellowship of women from different walks of life, focused on building a total woman in mind, body and spirit guided by the Word of God. Women of Glory has supported women in distress (victims of domestic abuse, violence, early child marriage), as well as improving the life of the girl child and giving her a sense of belonging. We also cater to the needs of less privileged women and children in society.

Some of our outreaches include Feeding 5000 Project in Ketti, Abuja, the 1000 Men March prohibiting violence against women, hospital visits to minister to the sick and offset some bills, visit to the school of the blind, visit to a number of orphanages, Visit to the Suleja Female Prison as well as the Educate-A-Child project where we sponsor skilled children in public schools whose parents cannot afford to provide school fees, books, bags and stationary.

All these we have been able to achieved through the generous sacrifices of all members of WOG. Our current project which was launched at the WOG Convention 2019, and is still ongoing, aims to build a centre IN Abuja, Nigeria intended to a safe house for women and children especially abused women who need a safe place to stay until they can get back on their own two feet. Violence against women and children can have devastating effects and the WOG protection approach aims to provide pre mention and response interventions for women and children who are victims, or at risk from violence, abuse and exploitation. WOG provides education at household, state and regional levels creating awareness on violence prevention, provides professional counseling as well as free shelter to abused victims and work with government to strengthen its protections tion policies and systems.

WOG currently has branches in the United States, United Kingdom, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Owerri and Enugu.


Empowerment: as WOG, we shall support the vulnerable by providing quick fix solutions to individual situations within our resources, emotional support, empowering the concerned to live a better life, provide financial assistance when possible and engage them to be productive in the society.

Excellence:  as WOG, we shall set tangible benchmarks for WOG and strive to succeed in them.

Community Service:  as WOG, we shall collaborate and partner with other agencies, charity organizations, donor agencies, government at all levels and citizens in the community to achieve success.

Good Stewardship: as WOG, we shall demonstrate ability to manage resources bequeathed or available to our organization. Set a standard for financial procedures and internal control

Integrity: Because WOG accepts public donations, we shall as remain beyond reproach and shall pursue honourable initiatives in an honest, transparent and ethical manner.


To achieve God’s purpose through Rebuilding Broken Walls and Broken lives.


To empower women and the vulnerable in the society and through carefully planned programmes and activities, give hope to those in despair to lead normal lives and realize their potentialities.

We are devoted to supporting fellow women in distress (victims of domestic abuse, violence, and early child marriage etc), giving them a sense of belonging, catering to the needs and improving the quality of less privileged women and children in the society, by supporting them through provision of free Medicals, Education and Vocational Skill Training

The Women of Glory (WOG) Foundation is envisioned to be a positive, women’s group and reference point that will be sought out by key players/actors and decision makers in the Nigerian economy and beyond.